Why You Should Choose Oriental Medicine To Treat Ailments?

Why You Should Choose Oriental Medicine To Treat Ailments?
March 29, 2014 admin
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The practice of oriental medicine therapies can be dated back around 3000 years back in the history of Chinese traditional medicine. The traditional medicine practices mainly focus on medicinal herbs and massage therapies. Taijiquan and Qigong are equally associated with traditional Chinese medicine. Major treatments include the human body meridian or channel system, the five phases, Yin- yang, six confirmations, fours levels, Zang Fu organ theory and others.

oriental medicine

With respect to oriental medicine theory, a human is considered as a small universe comprising of a complex system of many subsystems of matter and energy. These systems work together to maintain a healthy human body and mind. The nature of operation of these subsystems are described in terms of meridian channels, different types of energy levels, body fluids, pathogenic factors, vessels, deficiency or excess, hot or cold, dampness, wind and five elements. We will mainly focus on meridian channel and body system to learn the diagnostic approach of various symptoms of ailments.

Meridian system

A human body consists of invisible pathways, which help in circulating blood and link a person to cosmic influences or forces. They also protect the body against external causes of diseases and regulate the energy balance in the body.

The traditional herbal therapy employs many types of diagnostic methods

General observation

A medicine practitioner observes appearance of hair, skin, demeanor and listen to voice of a patient to judge the symptoms of a disease.

Observation of color

Color of body part gives crucial information about the symptom of a disease. For example, a sclera or yellow face gives signal of jaundice. In this practice, the yellow color is further categories into two parts like pale yellow and dark yellow. The medicine practitioner will treat the patient accordingly.

Observation of tongue

Tongue is an important diagnostic tool in a human body. By observing the color of the tongue, a doctor judges pathological symptoms of a disease a person suffers. In healthy condition, a tongue should be pale red in color. If it becomes red, it signifies heat syndrome or if it is pale, it indicates that there is a deficiency of energy or blood.


A body palpates at certain points assisting in the determination of a diagnosis. The palpation of each point indicates different pathologies and conditions. Body temperature, skin condition, moisture and organ enlargement are the important indication of palpation process.  

Advantages of using herbal medicines in treating ailments

  • Predicts early occurrence, trends and nature of a disease
  • It not prevents disease, also pays attention to health care
  • It helps in treating incurable, geriatric and chronic diseases
  • Prevents exogenous heat
  • Helps in healing injuries of combat session
  • It is safe for use

An herbal medicine treats many types of diseases. You should choose a suitable natural medicine to get early relief.

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