• Mar292014
    oriental medicine

    Why You Should Choose Oriental Medicine To Treat Ailments?

    The practice of oriental medicine therapies can be dated back around 3000 years back in the history of Chinese traditional…

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  • Mar242014
    best massage oil

    5 Best Massage Oil To Get Relief From Ailments

    Massage oil provides many health benefits and each type of oil has its own function. The best massage oil comes…

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  • Mar062014
    Horse liniment

    How is Horse Liniment Helpful to Humans?

    Horse liniment as the name suggests is a recipe used to cure ailments related to horses like joint pains, muscle…

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  • Mar042014
    chinese traditional medicine

    The Scope of Chinese Traditional Medicine

    The concept of Chinese traditional medicine originated in China thousands of years back. There are few ancient beliefs helping to…

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  • Feb262014
    warming massage oil

    Have Spa like experience with Warming Massage Oil

    Warming massage Oil is an herbal-based product that can be used for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as healing joint…

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  • Feb252014
    Cold Flu Remedies

    Few Cold Flu Remedies to Curb Cold

    Every year many people fall prey to cold. The symptoms found after a person suffering from cold are sore throat,…

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  • Feb252014

    Why Natural Herbal Supplements are Growing Popular

    Supplements that are obtained from plants, fungus, trees and shrubs that grow naturally are categorized as Natural Herbal Supplements. The…

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  • Feb212014
    bone bruise

    Usefulness of White Tiger Liniment for Bone Bruise

    Bone bruise is a common problem. Many athletes, sportsmen and general people bruise their bones due to some reasons. Natural…

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  • Feb202014
    dit da jow

    Dit Da Jow and its Role to Heal External Injury

    What is dit da jow? It is a popular Chinese oil formulation to heal external injuries such as sore muscles…

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  • Feb192014

    Buy Herbs Online – Various Health Tea Products to Choose From

    Various herbal products are available in the market now and each of these product claim health benefits. If you are…

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