5 Best Massage Oil To Get Relief From Ailments

5 Best Massage Oil To Get Relief From Ailments
March 24, 2014 admin
best massage oil

Massage oil provides many health benefits and each type of oil has its own function. The best massage oil comes with combination of herbal extracts in different proportions depending upon the purpose of the oil. Some herbs provide cooling effect to the body and some types of herbs provide warming effect to the body, thus maintaining the flow of energy and blood to various parts of the body. Massage oil helps in restoring the energy balance of the body, thus making it energetic.  The main purpose of the massage oil is lubricating the skin to reduce friction while performing massage. This offers easy work-ability and smooth glide to the skin surface.

best massage oil

Types of massage oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender massage oil offers you with many health benefits. It is the best massage oil effective against aching muscles.  If you do massage with this oil especially at your feet, you will get a feel of relaxation in your body. The soles of the feet are porous in nature. When the oil enters through the pores, it reaches the bloodstream very quickly, giving its soothing and stimulating effects to various parts of the body. A Lavender oil massage also relieves you from headache.

Eucalyptus oil

Having body massage with Eucalyptus massage oil has many health benefits. The massage helps to minimize the risk of asthma attacks people suffer from. This oil also provides relief from cold and cough by removing sinus blockade. The oil also provides relaxation and rejuvenating effects to mind because of its cooling property. It eliminates psychological exertion along with mental sluggishness. In addition, the massage oil cures anxiety disorders too.

Peppermint oil

You will get several health benefits if you go for a massage with peppermint oil. This massage oil relieves you from headache. In addition, it acts as stress-buster. The peppermint massage oil also relieves you from pain because of its refreshing properties you will feel reenergized. If you massage your scalp with this oil, you will get rid of dandruff also the body massage makes digestive tract healthy. The massage with this oil, prevents you from pimples, thus you will have a blemish free and healthy skin.

Sesame oil

The best part of the Sesame massage oil is that, it helps in reducing the excessive stomach fat. It also helps in curing injuries during combat session because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The massage oil exhibits anti-aging properties, giving you a young look. It is also beneficial in treating cracked heels, elbows and extremely dry knees.  The high viscosity of the oil penetrates the skin and nourishes the same from within. It also improves the blood circulation of the body.

Wintergreen oil

The oil massage with wintergreen oil provides relief from bone pain. Wintergreen massage oil is also effective against cartilage injury. The massage with this oil helps you to free your shoulders from stiffness. The massage also makes you free from hypertension.

Some of the best massage oil products that you can buy:

  • Dit Da Jow Liniment 2 oz.-  penetrates deep, disperses stagnated energy and breaks up blue and black marks occurring during combat training.

The best massage oil provides many health benefits. Choose suitable massage oil, if you suffer from any ailment in future.

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